Ixtapa Mexican Grill
Ixtapa Mexican Grill
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Ixtapa Mexican Grill is a full service Mexican restaurant. They continue the tradition of great quality food and customer satisfaction is their top priority.

In the classic movie The Shawshank Redemption, Zihuatanejo is the name of the beach in the movie that Andy Dufresne and Red meet up at at the end. Zihuatanejo is a real place and the dream of Ixtapa started there. Ixtapa owner Lucie Munoz was relaxing with her Mom (a former restaurant owner from Georgia) at Zihuatanejo in Mexico when Lucie made the decision to open up her own Mexican Restaurant. Ixtapa is the name of the resort city that they were staying at.

3905 Twin Creek Drive, Suite 101
402- 933-3322

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